Quad(DX9) Space Pin?

i am using a quad(dx9) with a space pin which allows to choose between world, view and projection. every time i create a new quad it’s without this pin so i have to copy this older “quad”. is this an older node? how can i activate this pin in the inspector on a new quad or what can i use instead? using beta25 on win7/xp.
thanks. cheers. a

ai armin,

the Space is out of order. use WithinView (Transform) and WithinProjection (Transform) instead.

hi joreg, thanks.
if i wanna use a ToggleButton on a Quad with WithinProjection i have to put a Invers between ToggleButton and Quad and connect the WithinProjection right to the Invers. why does it not work without Invers? is that a bug of the ToggleButton node? see the attached patch. cheers a

WithinProjectionTest.v4p (35.6 kB)

that is because the Within nodes do not actually transform anything, they just tell the renderer in which space they should draw the geometry, the output is the identity matrix. a better output type would be transformation context. but the togglebutton node just does some math with the transformation matrix and puts out a new one. so the inverse works, because it sets the transformation context again, it has nothing to do with the Inverse function, you can also use Multiply (Transform).

see patch for better understandig…

p.s. what was all this aspect ratio stuff doing?

WithinProjectionTest (1).v4p (26.8 kB)

thanks for explaining.
aspect ratio:
with withinprojection i put a 2d gui over a 3d animation.
was just playing around and looking for a way to keep the gui elements (buttons, etc.) quadratic when i change (scale) the width and height of the renderer or go fullscreen on other monitors with different resolution. then, instead of width and height from renderer i’ll use the reso from screen (screeninfo).