Quad Button-unlimited cursors

Hello world!

How would you guys do this? -attached file-
i am working on project with kinect

“button (quad)” and “multitouch toggle” nodes fail me, because i want very simple interaction, just detect over state on quad, and without any problems with number of cursors

the patch i added works this way, however, i must manually make detection system for preset number of buttons I want to work with

i thought node “=” can work with bins, in a way that every pin can have it own bin size (like Zip nodes have)

i think you will have much simpler way of doing this, so correct me if it could be done easier

//thanks! thats what i needed

quad button test (28.3 kB)

i think HitTest (2d Quad)
is your friend

test_6.v4p (13.1 kB)


check here and all the links included.

thanks! works ok :)

Thnx for Hittest, forgot bout that one, made my life easier :)