QRCodetexture (EX9.Texture) Performance

Hi All

In my little wikipedia to QRCode project I of course use the QRCodetexture (EX9.texture). it works fine, but put a huge load on the system, even with a static text. with spreaded inputs the load grows linearly as far as I can see.

see attached example

Any chance of improving this?


Patch demonstrating the performance use of the QRCodeTexture node (5.6 kB)

To try to work around the performance issue, I tried to make a patch where I only feed a string to it when it changes. but that doesn’t work either. see attached patch.


A no working try to fix the performance issue with the QRCode node (10.2 kB)


fixed two things here for beta>24.1

in the meantime if you change the QRCode textures format (via inspektor) to X8R8G8B8 and remove the switch to nil everytime the queue is not supposed to insert the element the queue will work also.