Qrcode texture

how can I use the qrcodes?
I have downloaded the files dat, and in the readme it says to use them with the playpen
QRCodeTexture (EX9.Texture), but this file misses.
how the files dat can be used for producing the qrcodes?

hello, sorry, the qr code stuff is for the next release, don’t know why its already online…

ok we wait for the next release.

Works great.
Now I have to make my cellphone work with it.
Not sure what to use it for but it looks cool.


You just have to download the archive, extract the directory qrcode_data that’s inside it preferably to your vvvv33beta14\bin directory. If you extract it to somewhere else, you can browse to that directory with the DataDirectory pin of the QRCodeTexture node.

Restart vvvv, setup a patch the way you can see it in the QRCodeTexture-helppatch (place the texture on a Quad) and voilà there you have it.

now that there is the release 14 it works very well.
thanks to everybody and merry Xmas.