QRcode characters bug

hello and happy new year,

just tested the QRcode node with beat29
and there’s some characters encoding errors
perhaps related to the unicode/unicorn feature?


quite likely. demo patch please that shows what worked in b28.1 and no longer works in b29.

hi Joreg,
attached 2 screenshots (beta 28.1 & 29) from QRCodeTexture help patch
using the “URL:http://www.meso.net
when scanning the beta29 picture the result is
with beta28 everything is fine

QrcodeBug.zip (36.8 kB)

confirmed. the node is broken.
this new plugin will replace it in betas>29. meanwhile please test and report:

EX9.TextureQRCode.zip (46.2 kB)

Vcard, sms, phone, http link and string
works as expected

how do i use those files in vvvv to test it ?

vjc4 you can now either download the latest alpha which has this node included, or just treat the files in the zipi above like any other contribution. some tips for the latter are here: nodes and paths

sorry for the delay! thanks joreg for te quick answer!

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build a QR code scanner, I’m having real trouble receiving every letter of the coded message reliably.

It’s sort of the opposite of the QRCode node, but if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I’ve attached my current patch, Scanner.v4p.

Thank you!

QR Code Scanner (10.0 kB)

to make it short for you:

works only with 29.2 x86.

So you need to run a seperate instance of vvvv that does your scanning and send it via udp to your actual application if it has to run on a higher version

So this is another appell to the devs to bring back Keyboard (legency) as something like QRScanner (Devices).

QR Scanner Sender.v4p (24.9 kB)

Hi @tekcor,

I take it that response was for me? Thank you very much!

I’ll try it in 29.2 and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again!