QR Image Texture

Hello Fellas,

I was checking the QRCode Texture node and it works great! Then I had a thought for embedding a image as QR code, if this works then it’s easy for users to scan and get the picture on their phone from a digital display.

Found this for reference

Can you please explain better your idea?
QRCode is already something giving the chance to access different kind of resources; what happens in the video seems to be something like “Dear user, please have fun with this animation and we’ll take a picture. If you like it ok, otherwise take another pose. Finally shoot at the QRCode and download the image into your phone”, which is a funny way to use QRCode; I mean, the package it’s nice, but QRCode use is the ordinary one, imho.
Correct me if I’m wrong, though…


I think its a nice and easy way to take and share the picture from display. Like you mentioned if we post the taken picture online and generate a QR texture for the URL to be scanned then case is closed :)

Thank you for the tip, good day!