PureData as a node ? libpd , when , how?

hi guys ,

i don t use PD , but for sure i am starting right now !

Pure Data is coming as a opensource synthesis library

is it possible that it ll be coming in vvvv one day ?
like MSP in Max?



Well, it would be awesome to be able to open PD patches in vvvv but at the same time you can easily do that right now with OSC communication which is supported by the 2 softwares.

let s just say , it would had a lot of sound functionalities to vvvv ,
i am way more comfortable using vvvv than PD (and i though i might not be the only one)
it is also one less thing to have running if for example you re performing live.

as vvvv can load vst plugins, it might be more easy to go that way. http://crca.ucsd.edu/~jsarlo/pdvst/ for example…