Pure Data to VVVV audio processing

Hi, I’ve started exploring VVVV using Pure Data as a sound engine as people have suggested previously, and things work great for getting RMS and single note values, but I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient/accurate way to do FFT. As of now, I’m converting it to a spread (I think) in Pure Data and transfering it to VVVV over udp as a string.

I’ve tried routing the audio directly to VVVV via udp using udpsend(value), s+h (raw), AsValue(raw), and then various settings with resample and damper, and I get a lot of values, but they all seem pretty random and jumpy no matter how much I damper, and there’s this weird thing where they rise when it gets quieter right before the signal goes silent…

But anyway, if anyone could take a look at the patch and let me know if there’s a better more accurate way, or help me figure out how to decode audio sent with udp over, I would appreciate it.

I’ve attached the pd and vvvv files I have so far, adapted from the pdtalk example.

MySendsRecieves.zip (1.7 kB)


I’m basically also being curious here for ways to get meaningful values out of sound… What you have there seems to work rather nicely as an oscilloscope. It’s definitely not random.

Sry, I know, not a big help.

But have a closer look at what s+h and resample as, in your example, they’re redundant/weird

What is the pdtalk example?