Pull live stockmarket values

Hello everyone!
I would like to pull some stockmarket (for example AAPL) datas from the web, and use those values in different ways.

What I did so far is :
Get a free account on IEXCloud.io
Get an API Token.
Trying to pull the data with HTTP-REST.
is that the right way to go?
I am not sure… do you have any recommendation in order to do it?
Thank you!!

Hi, you need few stuff here, first is to authenticate, and get an token, not sure vvvv would work here, but that should be a post request to some auth route.

Then you need an http-get with query and token included…

I’ve would suggest try with Postman first, so you can hit all the required routes first, and then, after you can auth, and form the query to receive data you want you move that to vvvv

according to this howto it could be as simple as using HTTPGet with an url formed as such:

@antokhio, @joreg
thank you for your reply!
sorry to take for my response.
I am trying what joreg suggested, and it seems to be working, although the speed is pretty slow. I guess it is the server side data distribution which is not that fast.
Anyway, thanks a lot!

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