'Publish' to Raspberry Pi

If I export a program to Linux, there is quite a bit of extra work to do on the deployment PC to get it running on startup. I have to call "[dotnet/location]/dotnet /[project/location]/my_program.dll" to run it, which makes start up scripts a bit of a hassle/art. But I think if the project is ‘published’ the program can run standalone (I think dotnet maybe still needs to be installed), as in my_program as the application the startup script can call.

Could this build option be added to the exporter?


You’re referring to the self-contained publish mode which indeed does not require you to install .NET on the target PC. While we don’t have a UI option for it, you can still already publish programs self-contained by running the build manually from the commandline.

I’ve added info on how to do this here: Deploying to a Raspberry Pi | vvvv gamma documentation

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Nice write up, thanks!