Ptgrey dragonfly drivers for vvvv

Hi all,

I just acquired a Dragonfly2 cam here and was startled by the fact that its driver is not recognized inside VVVV. I was told that this driver was not DirectShow. But since I’ve seen a lot of people here talking about projects and patches made with that cam, I was wondering how you guys did that. Namely: how to use a DragonFly2 cam inside VVVV? The VideoIn node does not give me the option to choose the camera (shows a nil, as I have no other cameras in my system). USB cams and even the Unibrain I have here are easily recognizable.

A little light? :) Thanks!

hello candian,
check if you installed the driverControl.GUI.exe from point grey.
usually it should be in this folder:
C:\Program Files\Point Grey Research\PGR FlyCapture\bin
start the program. with this software you associate(activate) camera, card and driver. for example:
the top white field (cameras) is empty, the lower white field (1394 devices) shows something like “texas instruments ohic compliant IEEE 1394a…”. below this window you should see different drivers available/installed on your computer. select one of the firepro drivers (e.g. Signed FirePRO Driver and press the switch button. the selected driver will be installed/activated.
the problem is not vvvv, it’s the strange driver management from ptg.
on the VideoIn node be sure to select the right Video Format.
if you have more problems read the howtoinstall/deinstall guide from ptg carefully.
hope this helps.