PS3eyes at distance

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PS3eyes on hubs

I generally found that I had trouble with having 2 PS3eye cameras on a USB hub which itself was on a USB extender. I could get lower FPS modes but not 60, and sometimes not even 30

I tested a PS3eye at 640x480@30fps on 2x15m USB active extensions. It worked whilst the cables were reeled up, but didn’t work any more after they were unreeled. I think the main issue is voltage drop, and if you can find a way of getting 5/0V power into the USB line, then you’re probably fine with this type of extension

USB extension hack

In response to karistouf, it should be possible to set up a line driver circuit at either end of an ethernet cable to send the USB RX/TX signal balanced/twisted pair with ground down the cat5 cable.
This would vastly reduce noise on the cable. You’d need to supply power at either end.
With this type of arrangement, you’d probably be able to get up to 100m length

hi sugokuGenki. firts thanks for your interrest.
its quite an interresting topic, but i have a real doubt about fiability of an electric hack. Until someone very clever in electronic run inside !

3 years ago Digital Slaves oriented me to a Firewire Hub Solution, with power alimentation, saving me from troubles of distance on a show: 15 meters cables and alimentation of the camera needed in firewire. The solution works but frome times to times in subject of leaks in the chain of transmission ( plugs tired, power not clean). On this show there may have been something like 400 installations and ratio of occuring troubles is around 5%.

But maybe you are pointing the right solution: actually usb/rj45 adapters are only working for printers.
not sure at all that a balanced supply and CAT 5 specifications for impedance will do the job. but maybe a special device with emitter in UDP and recevier could do the job.
Maybe this could go around this:
with a sort of AVR309 ?

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have a look here:

the last 3 adapters are usb / cat5

in the data sheet
Security: Web camera, access control.
so it should work… not only with printers
but it’s expensive…

ah ah… needs to be tested ! how are you doing with your transmission actually ?

for the 3 IDS camera : 1024x768@30fps
i use Gigabit cat6 cables with a Gigabit switch + an ip camera
over wifi with a wdm driver.
for the 2 usb cam i use an active usb extender (15m) but as explained by SugokuGenki sometimes there’s some troubles…
eg: i need to unplug replug the camera

ok thanks. see you charles