PS3 Eye camera plugin is still useable?

I also wrote comment in plugin page.
If you have used this plugin correctly, comment please.

I tried this plugin.
but node color is red, doesn’t work.

I think I followed his guide.

  1. CL Eye Platform Driver install
  2. CL Eye Platform SDK install
  3. download and run


what is freeframe?
following @liquid’s comment, I copied “PS3EyeMulti.dll” to “C:\vvvv_45beta29_x86\lib\thirdparty\freeframes”.
As freeframes folder doesn’t exist, I created.

but it doesn’t work. yet.
CL Eye Driver’s CL-Eye Test is working.

If you know my mistake, teach me please.

I would tell you to use this: vvvv.packs.image
But in last release the Ps3eye wasn’t implemented yet…
You could try the previous one… the best performances I had were using this contribution from Elliot Woods
Good Luck.

@robe thanks!
I downloaded previous zip file. - 31.05.12 [00:42 UTC](00:42 UTC) by elliotwoods | 1074


it has “VideoIn (CLEye) help.v4p”.
but this patch also doesn’t work. anything adding need?

if you installed the drivers form codelaboratories you should also be able to see the ps3eye as an option in the ordinary [VideoIn (Dshow9]( node.

performance seems to be comparable to elliots implementation but with less possibilities to set up the image properties.
(maybe related: when using an usb extension cable i was able to get the cam working this way but not with elliot’s nodes).

wow @motzi, it works.

and then, “VideoIn (CLEye) help.v4p” also works that didn’t work before.

I don’t know why.
anyway thanks!