PS3 Eye Camera - Multiple 2021 Gamma


so ive found this topic: Ps3 Eyecam in Gamma its archived so i had to create a new post.

The linked Ipisoft Driver does not work for me and since the CL-Eye multicamera drivers are only x32 i was hoping someone has tested this and had better luck. The devices show up as installed with the driver and inside the Ipisoft recorder software but not in Gamma Opencv.

Ive tried multiple other drivers from github, currently im stuck on these instructions:

i have like 10 eyetoys collecting dust, its a never ending driver nightmare with these cameras ;D

Maybe you can get something going using the CL Eye Platform SDK and the CLEye code from VVVV.Packs.Image.

Thx, Ive just checked the Image pack, and it theres only a x86 ( CLEyeMulticam.dll ) and the driver itself is only x86 so i guess this would not help. Your suggestion would be porting this to vl, referencing the dll?

I guess the alternative would be using the libusbnet nuget and try to get this working :

Anyway for now i will try if i can go back to an older working setup or try to find other cheap sensors. :)

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