Proyection on 3d geom calibration

Hello. I have some questions about the calibration of the projector node… how do you calculate the real dimensions with the vvvv dimensions, for example zoom ratio, lens depth, Image Width On Lens ? ?

I’ve been working in centimetres in Maya. vvvv doesn’t seem to have a particular dimension so I’ve just designated 1 unit in vvvv to equal 1 metre in the real world. Then I’ll measure the projector and if it was 40cm wide I’d type in 0.4units in vvvv. I think as long as you are consistent you could work in mm, cm, m or even in or feet. Although I’m a noobie it doesn’t seem vvvv prefers any particular scale, so it’s just what 's convenient.

If you are working with dynamics it might be different. Maya, for example, tends to prefer working in for dynamics calculations.

Hope that helps.

Yes they’re all relative, so feet inches meters centemeters, just stick to one unit and you’ll be fine!

vvvv uses double precision everywhere, so it will probably never be a problem, but it has traditionally been a good idea not to stray too far off into floating-point territory because of the rounding errors occuring down there.
(with double precision though, those are somewhere below 1e-15, so that’s a lot of room.)