Protecting Patches?


I am making a real time visuals package in vvvv to run on a clients machine but it only for one event. What is stopping them using for other events without me knowing?

Is there anyway of protecting patches from being copied and used later by a client?

Could the new ‘program your plugins’ be used to do this?


Depending on their technical expertise, you could just make a switch based on the current time to enable/disable functionality.

You could even go as far as to make a SetPatch self destruct.

Could the new ‘program your plugins’ be used to do this?

should be possible to code a plugin that constantly asks for a dongle. after the event you can request that piece of hardware back from your client.

however, if they have the technical knowledge they can remove the plugin from the source, so it would be necessary to encrypt your v4p files, read them through the plug and load them with setpatch. quite demanding procedure i’d guess.

helo hogdog,

what is stopping you from using vvvv commercially without buying a license? the answer is simple: your honesty and our trust in you. our TRUST licensing model is simple and we encourage people using vvvv to apply the same model to their business. if you find that your client is using your work illegally stop working with him.

it is generally much more convenient to grow an environment where you can trust the people around and they trust you, than always being paranoid about protecting your intellectual property. of course this takes time and you may lose some clients on your way. but in the long run you’ll gain more when working on improving your thing rather than wasting your time trying to protect it from others seeing/using it.

nota bene: those who copy are always one paste behind.
(you may cite me with this one)

i am not aware of any copyprotection that ever really worked reliably and i suspect, that those, that work quite well costed more time/money to get runnign than anyone could gain from it. note also that even only the most simple copyprotection will cause yourself more pain in working with your own product as you’ll not only have to deal with the bugs of your product but also with the bugs of your copyprotection. note also that not only your bad clients will be confronted with your copyprotection but also your nice clients will have to deal with its annoyances. horray!.

so concentrate on your trustworthy clients and improve your relationship with those rather than spending time working against boring copycats. and if you need one)-((licensing)!

some call such views naiv, i call myself joreg.

I fully appreciate what you are saying joreg, thanks. I agree there are many negative issues surrounding this for sure. However, I think it is not always that/this simple.

You’re talking about copy protection in a product. This is not a product. This is, currently, a one off installation. If it goes well they will want to buy the patch, then it is a product and I would not want to use copy protection. Other factors are; the installation must run on their hardware because it uses 6 computers. It also runs for 3 days, giving them plenty of time to copy it.

I’m gambling with my intellectual property like we all do in this game, I would just like to increase my chances (in this situation) of not losing.