Proposal: Crowd Sourcing Campaign for VVVV


We see Crowd Sourcing Campaigns going crazy these days.
I was thinking VVVV could have something from this cake as well.
For example with the following headlines:

  • Rapid Game Development Platform (Crowdsource for Game Design Workfkow for VVVV)

  • Crowdsource for more DX11 Shaders

  • Crowdsource for Multi Platform Support and OpenGL support

  • Crowdsource for Aduio Engine

This way there could be a Money Pot generated that enables to pay some people for some month the push the things a bit more.

Especially if you address all the Indy Game Developers, it could generate a big pot it think.


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How about crowd sourcing an nvidia/optimus laptop for the dev’s, I’ve just bought one and dx9 is unusable on it, dx11, is fine, and I’m mostly working in that at the moment, but come to open an old patch, and theres trouble!
Also it would be good to port all the dx9 stuff to dx11, as another option, so we can wave goodbye to 10 years ago…

do devs want an optimus laptop?

@io they don’t have one, and so can’t comment on whats going wrong with dx9 and win8, if you have something spare to help them crush that but I’m sure they would be very happy! (I know I would be, and Zepi, even more so ;)

@catweeasel off topic:

Did you try to set the vvvv.exe in the nvidia settings to use the right graphics card. Did you enable windows aero?

@tekor, I set nvidia as a global pref, and then additional I have just set it in program settings too, but windowed=black, fullscreen=works.
How do you enable aero in win8? Do you have an nvidia with optimus and have dx9 working?

+1 for the laptop idea… it would probably be sufficient if we had an optimus laptop in the office for some weeks, no need to buy one.

but this is just my personal comment, no official statement. if anyone has a concrete idea, contact us via email.

@cat yes it works fine under the mentioned conditions. Its also okey if the rest is running onboard… but dont know whats with windows 8…

But on topic: i mean not just for one notebook guys but for a bigger budget. I think if you write open source game engine for non coders on it, or innovative programming language that goes to the next level. …with all the user stories and videos.

Imo CS is also a lot about generating new users…

Just has to be not a nerdy insider thing