Properties page


opening vvvv reset the properties page of my captures cards. Is there a way to keep theirs setting opening vvvv?


the closest you can get is to make all the hidden pins on the videoin node visible via the inspektor (click on the gray squares to the left of the values). then connect them all with an iobox and set the values there.

the problem is that depending on the driver not all parameters can be exposed via vvvv-pins.

good lukc.

Creating the same graph (capture card + renderer) in graphedit
-> customised values of the properties page are kept across multiple graphedit open/close.

Creating this same graph in vvvv -> customised values of the properties page are reseted.

[|I’ve seen in the driver faq:

Q55: Driver or programs lose their settings between executions…

A: Please, get in touch with the application programmer. It’s not driver’s fault if the user application is losing settings - The driver does store them, but the application is overriding them so the application itself must be fixed.


Joreg did you read my recent email?

ok. thanks for noting. i fixed that for >beta11.1

meanwhile vvvv always sets the values to the defaults when you create the node. that is why i suggested to set the values via ioboxes.

mm…cant remember receiving an email from you.