'Proper' way to create a file input pin

I’ve got a string input
and i’ve made a function toVVVVPath(string filename) which add’s the path’s folder to the beginning, but that doesn’t deal with absolute paths (e.g. “c:\windows\media\chimes.wav”) as it adds it all together.
is there already a function that does this for me?

and how to make a pin act like a filename?

ai sugoku,

do you mean something like MakePath (String)? or do you need that inside of your own plugin? if so check pluginspecs/Index.html?topic=html/Properties_T_VVVV_PluginInterfaces_V2_PinAttribute.htm for StringType which you set as Filename.

then inside the plugin you always get a valid absolutpath from that pin.

that’s fantastic
Filename, URL, String, IP, Directory

really clean and useful