Projector/tech considerations?

Hey there! New to the forums and getting my teeth stuck into my first “real” VVVV project. Not sure if kit advice isn’t really done on here but couldn’t find any other threads?

Anyway I’m doing an Arts Council grant and need 3 projectors and would like to spend £1,000 max on them if that works. Does anyone have any suggestions for makes/brands/what I should look for/where to buy from etc?

Also what options are there regarding mounts and stands and things like that?

The project is going to be to make an interactive layer on a quilt of al the MPs who voted for same-sex marriage. It’s huge, 4m x 3m so really not sure how to position/mount them:

(and the 3 projectors is so there’s one for top, one bottom and one with extra info on another wall)

Will prob be asking some more questions about the project later on!



Renting projectors is quite expensiv over here ( Germany )

With a tight budget and a political cause (gov or Uni support) you should ask a dealer/company for a sponsoring/offer.

DLP Projectors are cheaper and their blacks are almost invisible, even in cheap models. So this could work well for a simple mapping.

Regarding Mounts etc. try to get some informations from the Venue. They might have a technician. Before renting/buying Mounts you have to make sure ensurance/fire/safety policy will allow you to mount the projectors where you need them. - this forum might also be helpful

Thanks a lot for that. I hadn’t considered getting borrowed projectors, the funder likes that as we can count it as cash in kind. And yes good idea will figure out the venue!