Projector over People

I’m doing homogrpahy over people with Kinect.
Which projector would you recommend?

Here are some of the specifications that i think will do:

  • Between 3,500 - 5000 lm
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Zoom lens (manual)
  • Manual focus
  • Keystone correction
  • No short throw and don’t care about speakers

The Full HD is for smaller pixels when viewer is very close to the projection (himself).

Can’t tell between DLP and LCD pros:
DLP: deeper blacks
LCD: better brightness
¿Which is more resistant?

My budget is $1,500 USD more or less.

Here are some examples that come close:

I have some experience with NEC and i might get a good price for it. But since i have little experience with other brands like Panasonic will like to know your opinions about both. Specially since i don’t see many people mention it here as other brands like Optoma or Sanyo.