Projector Node vs Renderer


For two days I am playing with the projector node to do a basic mapping of a cube to give a start more complex stuff.
I have a 20 x 20 x 20cm Cube which is 200cm away from a beamer.
With all of those in the bag, I am 90% sure I did the adjustments of the projector node correct but I am having trouble to make it fit the real object.

(Btw I created the scene in 3D program, 20x20x20 cube rendered from the same angle & distance & height from the beamer with the same properties.)

But while I suck with the projector node, I succeeded with using the Camera node with Rotate & Scale & position attributes, I was so close to match them.

Here what I want to ask is what is the best use situations for projector node on one beamer setups.

And below I tried to write what I understand from the inputs of projector node.

Projector Width: Width of real beamer
Projector Height: Height of real beamer
Projector Depth: Depth of real beamer

Lens Radius: Lens radius of real beamer
Lens Depth: Depth of the lens from the front side of beamer.
Lens Position: Lens position on the front side of the beamer.

All those above can be measured with the same type, lets say if
1metres in real life equals to 1 in vvvv we can say a 40cm width will be
0.4 on vvvv.

Color: Helper and Projector icon color
Show Helpers: Toggle to show helpers on and off.

Transform: This is used to match the position & rotation of the virtual beamer with the physical one. Also we can use the measurment style above.

Image width on Lens: This is something I did not understand. When I look at my beamers lens from a distance, I can actually see the projected image on it but how can I measure it ?

Shift X: Lens shift on X axis, for shifting see link below.
Shift Y: Lens shift on Y axis, for shiftnig see link below.

16:9 = If I guess right, this is aspect ratio.
Zoom Ratio: Is this the throw ratio ? I am not sure.

Near: Near clipping.
Far: Far clipping.

Thanks .


Good to read a couple of threads on what your asking about.


and yeah Zoom Ratio is the throw ratio