Projector (EX9.Effect) Node

Hello I just downloaded Projector (EX9.Effect) and Projector (EX9.Effect Beam) ((contribution:projector-(ex9.effect))) from contributions and did a qucik patch from the help file to make a basic mapping but somehow I did not manage to understand how it works.

Anyone have a good working example that can share or maybe Kalle can explain how to use it. It seems dumb but I did not understand it from the self help file.

What is the difference of this node with the actual projection Node ?

I also attached a patch file I created.


SetupProj.v4p (33.8 kB)

Projector (EX9.Effect) and Projector (EX9.Effect Beam) are only meant to be a comfortable projected Texture. they are not intended to be mapping tools.

Basically it’s the inverse of Projector (EX9)…

Projector (EX9) is basically a Camera.

hope that this helps you.