Hello there!

I’m doing a video instalation using a projector and I was wondering how to project not the entire computer screen but just the video output.

Appreciate all the help!


I don t completely understand the question but I guess you have your main screen and your external output going to the projector.
Create a Renderer (EX9) and move it to the external screen/projector then set the Fullscreen pin to 1, that should do.
Ah, and read the documentation

Make sure you select extended desktop instead of duplicate desktop.

Thanks for the tips!

Let me explain better. I’ve selected the extended desktop so I have two screens: the laptop and the projection on the wall. On the laptop screen I have a bunch of windows and stuffs and I want on the wall screen just the renderer window in fullscreen.

I did what io said but doesn’t not function… So how can I do?

Thanks again!


Thank you all for your help!

I just need to press Alt+Enter… Then the renderer window goes fullscreen!



your Renderer also has an input pin called “Fullscreen”: set this to “1”…