Projection mapping

Dear VVVV Users,

I am in a complete mess, and I hope you can provide me a solution for that. Altough I am a beginner to vvvv, but i am completely loving the tool and insisting to continue with it.
My current goal is to attain a projection mapping on a cube.

I was able to deal with the tutorial found in:
how to project on 3d geometry

Project it on 2 boxes, play with colors and thats it.

Now the fun part, I wanted to give some animation on of the sides, for example: video tutorial 23 this one,,

and here where I failed. so I thought i am missing something. With some online topics, this is done by doing animation on other programs (“Blend”) for example and load it later on vvvv. But this is out of my scope at this level

I would appreciate if someone will give me a hint for that, or maybe another methodology or tutorial for doing that.

Thanks a lot

To make a renderer a texture, use the node dx9texture-(ex9.texture) node, now you can use the renderer as a texture for your objects.

cheers mate, it worked perfectly.