Projection Mapping

Hi All,

Hey I should Say it is a great software and wonderful community. I am new to VVVV, so my question might sound very silly. But I am stuck with since last two days.

I am trying to create a patch for a multi - projector setup, when I try to put a simple render out put on my projectors with a quad, the first projector works fine but in the second projector only half of the screen is displaced.

  1. I am using a Windows 7 operating system with 8 gb Nvidea graphic card.
  2. 2500 lumen Epson Projectors
  3. Matrox triple head-to-go Digital edition

Can anyone of you help me out with this

dx11 or dx9?
I take it the desktop is stretched as it should be over the 2 outputs in windows, and its just when you go fullscreen that the issue happens?
in dx9 make sure the fullscreen dimensions for the renderer is set to as desktop, and if that isn’t working try setting the correct res via the drop down menu, if it does;t show up in that, then that would be the issue.
If it does, then check that its the renderer thats the problem not the content, and set the back ground colour to white, still over only half a display?
with dx 11, try going fullscreen more than once, I’ve had it where it will only get the right resolution every other try,
Also check in the triple head settings that its not trying to work as separate monitors, I think there is a setting in their horrible utility for it.

Thank you for your kind response.
I am using dx9 and your rite the desktop is stretched (I have done that using full screen in Nvida graphics card adjustments).
how do I set the dx9 full-screen dimensions? (do you mean in Ex9 render I adjust the width and the height, if that is the case I have done that)

I have used background white.

I played around with all the settings in Matrox triple head to go, It is not the problem with it.(I hope :) )

And I find this issue when I double click on the render it does not spread full screen it cover only certain part of the first projector and certain part of the second one.

Ive once had issues with a Matrox triple head2go, someone on VVVVirc suggested deinstalling the matrox driver.

After i deinstalled the Matrox driver ( from the matrox website ) and used the standart driver windows7 installed everything worked fine.

Sometimes Intel, Nvidia and Matrox Monitor Settings seem to compete with eachother and things get strange…

hope this helps a bit

I would also suggest to update to the latest firmware straight away, it often solves most problems…