Projection Mapping

Almost a couple of years ago, I took the weekend course in Manchester with Elliot Woods. I’ve finally got my own projector (I know! I know!) and I’m trying to relearn what I thought I learned (but apparently didn’t) that weekend.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to upload that patch but it’s giving me a problem in that there’s a red node called LineBuffer. IIRC, that was the bit that allowed us to draw the shapes, but I guess it’s no longer supported in VVVV? I’m using 29.2 right now. I even tried using the version we were given back then with the same result.

All I want to do is something very simple, draw quads on a box and then put a file texture on those quads with photos from a folder. We did it in class but I cannot get it going again. I’m going to have to see if I can dredge up my notes and other stuff.

Alternately, if someone can point me in the direction of a tutorial that would take me through setting something like that up, I would appreciate it. I’ve spent the past three nights trying to figure this out from the various articles on this site and I’m just not getting it :(

Check these contributions…
and this facade-mapping-workshop-at-node-2013


didn’t learn anything that weekend? :(?

easiest way to get the quads onto the box is to start with the Homography help patch. catmapper and/or joanie’s little mapping toolkit node/52094 are also good resources for getting on your feet quickly.


I did! But retaining isn’t the same as learning ;)

It was surprisingly easy and fun to draw the quads on the boxes and have the photos just on there. Even hooking up my iPad worked. Here, all by my lonesome, I can’t get any of it functioning. Oh well. I guess I’ll figure it out somehow, someday.

To be fair Elliot, a few of your addon packs have missing or altered modules!
@Pixesmith download previous versions of Elliots packs, as some have modules that later ones need but don’t include, also have a root around in as there are a few projection mapping bits and pieces that also might have the missing modules…
If you find the module, pop it into the same folder as the patch your using and it should update automagically, if it doesn’t drag and drop it in…
Might make sense to make a note of whats missing, and let elliot know, or zip up a working version and pop it into contributions, if thats ok with Mr Woods?

one problem is with calibrateprojector, as reported