Projection Mapping with VVVV

Just a general question, I am on beta 35.8, what is the best way for me to get into the basics of projection mapping? Do I need any addons that I wouldnt have from the basic set plus the addon pack? Are there any tutorials to give me the basics?

Also have a look at the Homography node and its help patch. At node17, there was a cool orkshop by @dominikKoller. I think they also captured his Screen. Don’t know if, and when there will be a video, though.

Thanks to everyone who helped. I tried a search but all I seemed to be able to find was stuff that was out of date or over my head at this stage. Thanks again for the pointers!

also projection mapping is offered as one of the main entry points on our propaganda page from where you’d be pointed to all the above.

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