Projection Mapping with Kinect - How start animation based on position?

Hey guys,

i’m currently working on a project which is about tracking with the kinect and mapping visuals on objects. Its working so far and i’m able to track where an object is on a table with the depth function of the kinect.

I’m also able to map visuals on it with the contour node.

Now the next step would be to start animations based on the position of an object. Lets say i move a cube on a table to a certain position, in this exact space an animation should start to play until this cube leaves the area.

Do you guys have any idea how this would be possible? I dont even know which nodes could be useful. :D

Thanks in advance

i cannot help you in detail but i think kinecttoolkitdx11 is a good start… it contains a calibration and nodes for hittests and blobtracking. perhaps this helps?

Hey I would say you have managed to do the compicated part already. Now you can just take your time and enjoy the design part and take some inspiration in the contributions for examle

Your specific question with the cube and the area… Can suggest you to divide your space into a grid out of multiple quads (linear spread -> cross 2d -> transform -> quad). Then use the intersect node on the tracking points. This way you get the index of the quad. You could use this index in a simple case with switches for your animation.