Projection mapping (with a twist?)

Hi there,

a little something that I can’t seem to figure out…
for my semester project I want to map pieces(!) of a videoin onto the faces of a built object. In a way so that…

…Pictures > 1000words,…

…it goes a little something like this (test-patch, final version should have 12 shapes)

As opposed to this or that

The problem I am having is that - see above picture - the textures do not line up.

In other words: If set up my - now - 12 quads/whatever neatly (well, almost;) side by side like here, I want to see the full image - think: a completed puzzle. But I can’t figure out how to transform the texture so that the individual parts of the image match.

in case this is of any interest: it’s not the live videoin that gets mapped onto the objects, but rather a plenitude of still images, randomly distributed onto the 12 pieces of geometry.

I think that in some way, I need to let the texture-transform know what homographical distortions I apply to the quads … and then add some re-scaling? but…öh, any hints?


have you tried to use grideditor? vvvery useful, so you can deform the mesh for match the textures (and of course you can use it before the final pass only for distorting the texture and the use it in the final pass)

check this thread for something that may help get your 12 quads mapped and joining nicely.

I don’t understand what issue you’re having with the texture transform and trying to get things lined up. Can you post an example patch please?


Thanks for your answers so far. Grideditor is something that I wasn’t aware of, will keep it in my head, although for the specific problem (spoiler: which is solved, kind of) it looks like opening a whole new can of worms ;)

I guess I was overcomplicating things. But there’s some need to freely juggle textures and quads around and maybe have them overlap… (so your solution, xd_nitro, despite its elegance is not quite suitable). What I came up with eventually is probably not very elegant, but it does its job…

see attached file

Again, thanks.

timeslicepuzzlemappingthingy.gif (86.2 kB)