Projection Mapping Question


i have 2 questions to Projection mapping:

  1. if i make an animation in some 3D Program and want to project it on an 3D Surface in real how do i place the camera in the 3D Program proper?
    Because if i render it out of the 3D Program the camera might have another angle compared to the projector in VVVV.
    Is there any trick or something?

Basic example i have a cube i want to project on.
That cube should explode.
That exploding animation is made in a 3D Program, how do i render out proper, that it fits with real cube?

  1. More or less resulting from the 1. question:
    If now some particles from the exploding cube are moving over an edge of the Cube in real, the projection is distorted at some corners again.
    Is there also any trick?

I know describing visual stuff is very difficult but maybe somebody knows what i mean.

thank you

try it with animated mesh

  1. the short answer: you place the camera as accurately as you can by the mean of photo-reconstruction, maps, or direct measurement. When the render is done, on a simple surface, you may just use a simple homography ot fine adjust.
    If that won t work you may use a grid of points to be edited to tweaks single areas of the render.
    Another technique is to construt a new flat, squared mesh subdivided following the contours of the final render, then apply the render on that mesh and edit the position of the vertices in 2D

  2. movements of objects in a 3D space INSIDE the volume of a target are valid on from A SINGLE point of view, given that adjust your animation based on the point of view; if there is no fxed point of view then do something else… ;)



Ill take a look at them.

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You have to take the photos in te same situation of proyectors… then you place a proyector in 3d program and make the 3d models from the picture you taked… then you have to put another cam from the people point of view and render all the stuff from that cámera… you probably have a distorted video (the people usually don’t see the show from the same point of view that proyectors have), so you have to use something like homografy to reoriente the video and to fit the structure…

I personally use the plug-in DX Texture (RR)that I found here, and use it with Resolume Arena to send the renderer inside resolume… so you can VJing with a lot of stuff including your VVVV Patchs…

… hope I could help you…

PD: Sorry about my english… I’m not so good…

Here is where I Found this fantastic plugin…


this is a very usefull tool to share DirectX textures to OpenGL…

thanks to Elio for his work…