Projection Mapping on a rotating object

Hello everyone! I’m working on a project where I’m going to drive animation with a turntable that is turned manually, I now want to add an object to the turntable, like a vase that is projected on. I was originally going to just use badmapper to map a couple walls, but now with adding the projection of a rotated object I don’t think badmapper is the right node anymore.

these guys did it with a cube, they bring up “pade” by kimchiandchips.combut I can’t find that node, all I can find is Elliot woods calibrate projector node, is this the same thing?

I’ve seen a few examples of people projecting on rotating object with vvvv, Does anyone know how they are calibrating the real world object to vvvv?

Hi, this is possible for quite an experienced user, the calibrate projector stuff isn’t maintained for quite a while, VL.opencv has implementation for calibrate projector…

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