Projection mapping nodes?

What are the nodes for projection mapping?. Is it possible to map a projection to a video input. I want to project onto someones body using the same techniques in projection mapping.


I’m probably not being clear enough. I want to project only on a body - but track this body in real time. So in essence I want to map my projection to the shape of a body - as the body moves so does the projection mapping.

hopefully this makes sense.


a way to do that is to use the grideditor and manually align the real scene with the projected one. probably a grid with 4x4 vertices will be sufficient. i use this technique when i want to align the projection of a water floor (for example) with the people walking over it

Jannis has done this with a lumakey of an IR camera to provide the mask. The bodies need to be IR reflective from head to toe though, which may involve investigation into IR properties of fabrics or nudity…

Maybe you can use also the Polyline.v4p :). It’s under 2d category in the addonpack. I noticed in the help patch there is a missing link ( from the XY out of the Polyline to the IObox under it ).
You can use it to map points, store their orrdinates or move them. If you have a ROI it works pretty good.