Projection Mapping DX11

Hey, I have a noob question (again and again…hehe)

Before, I worked with DX9, and when I needed to make a projection mapping, I used the help file of grid editor, it was perfect for me.

But now, I’m in DX11, and I cannot replace all the DX9/EX9 files in the help patch…

Vertex buffer, don’t exist in DX11, It’s replaced by Mesh DX11?
And specially in the “Point Editor”, for the ZWriteEnable (RenderState)…

Or maybe there is a solution to convert DX11 texture into EX9?

Or, another solution to map in DX11?

My screen is composed by 5 panels, the form a circle arc.

Thank you everyone!

hey just replace all the effect files with the dx11 counterpart.

zwriteenable is not realy needed.

but this works perfectly

GridEditor (DX 11).rar (41.5 kB)

I’m trying to adapt a previews ex9 mapping patch to dx11, because I’m not being able to run all the ex9 renderers in multiple screens on the same machine.
But when I open the patch above, it is not showing the points (in edit mode), and I can’t change the mesh distortion.

Did this happen to anyone?
Would appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks to everyone ;)

or, i’ve done some days ago a conversion from dx9 to dx11 of the badmapper contribution (see the attached file on the end of the contribution page)


The only problem I have with badmapper is that I need more control points than the only 4 it offers per slice, so the grid editor is perfect when I need to project on spheres or irregular surfaces. Other than that, it is perfect!

Anyways, i can’t understand the complexity of your patch :) I’m a newbie here. Can you check on the dx11 grid editor posted here to see if it’s just me having the problem I mentioned?

It doesn’t seems to be a big problem, probably I’m missing some addon, even that I don’t have any red box.
The mesh in the help patch is distorted, so it has to work in some way.

Thank’s again!

yes, you are right.
I had some disconnected nodes. And also, something wrong with the aspect ratio, related to how the aspect ratio work with dx11.
here is a corrected version, that works exactly like the original one.
Except, i’ve added a “aspect ratio” pin, that is the width/height of the renderer, so you can have a real aspect ratio in the renderer, but the right coords for the mouse.
let me know if it works for you, here i’m on last beta of vvvv with last dx11.

grideditor dx11 (40.0 kB)

Hi screamer, it is actually working now!
It should be added to the DX11 pack, because it’s very useful.
Thank you very much for your time.

Just a note, I had to turn on “Show Cursor” in the renderer Inspector to be able to see the mouse.

yes, sorry.
I’ve used a cursor(dx) that i have in my dx11 pack instead of converting/using the one probided in the zip.
Now it whould work

grideditor dx11 (21.2 kB)