Projection Mapping and Arduino Encoder

I’m very new to vvvv and I’m trying to connect an Arduino encoder to a timeline in vvvv so the encoder will drive the animation in the timeline. I’m having issues getting the encoder and I’m not sure what to use for a timeline that will allow me to load a video file and manipulate it with the encoder connected to the Arduino. Any help would be amazing!

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Use firmata for communicating with your Arduino

Install the DX11 pack for VVVV. that includes the VLC player plugin, which is timebased. You have to “goto” a specific time.

when using lossy compression like mp4 etc. you won’t be able to “scrob”, since full picture information is just within the keyframes. Encode using a compression like Quicktime Animation or MJPEG.

just to double up on the few hardware related lines I wrote you on riot (and ofc to leave it for posterity), here are a few snippets I’ve been using. (8.6 KB)

Now, I was never a great fan of Firmata, especially because it is not hard to write your own patches, and use a plethora of fantastic libraries for all kinds of sensors and purposes, and the IDE nowadays is actually bringing some tooling to manage external libraries. This is just along this lines: It uses the Encoder and the CNMAT OSC implementation.

The encoder lib uses hardware interrupts to actually count steps, something you’d be hard pressed to accomplish with Firmata, I assume.

Once you have this, you can decide if you want to send the data over ethernet (if your arduino has a port) or over usb (as serial data).

On the vvvv side, you simply receive the data, and unpack it: No tokenizing, custom packet framing, or any other weirdness required.

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