Projecting on half cylinder screen

hello hello i m facing some physical deformation troubles:

my screen is a sort of half cylinder

Videoprojector is hanged up, doing a 40° angle projection on it.

What is best solution to redeform image to have normal proportions?

Aka a straight line when projecting on it is making a beautiful curve ;-)

Hi I did something similar with 2 projectors and did as following:

*marked points in the real world with some tape (bottom and top of cylinder)
*took pictures
*modeled with Photo Modeller
*imported in Blender and did the UV mapping
*then I used Projector nodes and Multiscreen to project the model
*finally I did some fine adjustment with 3D Point Editor


hi io, thanks ! i will give a try.
if i understand its the uv mapping wich is a problem and need to be exported.

any inner function inside VVVV to do it ?

any other way ?

have you looked at GridEditor? that will do it for you

Hi xd im going back tomorrow to the theatre and will see. Thanks a lot !

i presume you have read this page:

how to project on 3d geometry

i do it with recalculating onto a 3d model like io does (3d model made in pro. 3d program).
learned from downloading: “” (link near the bottom of the page.)

hi ksp, thanks, yes, i know it.
seems i have founded a simple way to do it with pointeditor2d

will see on fire proof if ist ok, actually editing the grid quite really easely ;-)

…ah, thanks. (that saves a lot of processing.)

seems to work quite really nice ;-)