Projecting on a curved surface

I am trying to project on a curved surface. The surface is curved both on the x and on the y axis, in other words it is like a section of an irregular cylinder which is also bending, although just a few centimeters, vertically.
I am using 2 projectors with the Multiscreen module and the 2 projections are blending on a vertical middle line, the 2 projectors are placed side by side.

I am using the Grid Editor to map the curved surface.

Now, the vertical bending makes it so that the Multiscreen node can t get a perfect blending.

I can see a couple of solutions:

-modify the Grid Editor so that I can modify the left and the right side of the surface independently, then join the 2 renderers side by side and finally feed it to the multiscreen node

-using Elliot Woods’ spatial-edge-blend-shader which I ve tried but haven t really managed to get working

Has anybody ever faced a similar task? What s your approach?



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i’ve done this a few times. best way I found is

  • use the multiscreen node > DXTexture > two constant.fx.
  • Then using grideditor map your surface - making sure to be using the grid to get even balance.
  • Overlap your 2 grids evenly using the grid to ensure evenly. Then connect your gridedited mesh into the constant.fx
  • use a 2 transforms into the texture transform pin on the constant.fx to send the left side of the multiscreen texture to your left side grid edited mesh and same with the right side.

I used this technique once on a 360 projector setup using 8 projectors. All curved screen around a venue. None of the curves were even. Took about two hours to setup. The hardest part is balancing the grid so you get a decent blend. Switch been just the grid editor no texture and multiscreen texture with the calibrate pin set to 1.

hi xd_nitro and io, is there any sample patch of this ?
(used grid editor on semicircular screen with success)

Hello, I want to make 3D square map using grideditor.
Can you please give me steps to make it?

@dultonawa do you mean a square in 3D space or a cube? if it is a square in 3D space, try using Homography (Transform 2d) instead of grideditor.