Projecting on 3 surfaces with the same projector

Hi All,

I’m trying to project with a single projector on a corner (has a 3 surfaces - left side, right side and the floor).
I’m using a collada model, and set the renderer view point to be the spectator position. with the help of grideditor I try to distort the images so on each surface I want to get the right, undistorted image - so at the end I’ll get a 3d illusion.
The problem is that I can’t seem to get the 3d illusion as I can’t get the a good image (I mean undistorted) on all 3 surfaces.
Am I doing it right? does anyone have an idea how to make it work?
Already tried the great 3d projection mapping tutorial by Elliot Woods - wasn’t able to make it work.

Thanks for your help,



  • add your patch so we know how you are trying to achieve it
  • you don t need a collada model, just use a box with clockwise culling
  • remember that half a cube is all in all 3 faces, so you may treat it as such


Hello Shmulik,

and welcome in the amazing world of 3d mapping! You should read this page:

how to project on 3d geometry


I attached the zip file of the project patches.
IO - I don’t understand how to treat my corner as half a cube. I’ll appreciate some guidance…


GeditorCollada.rar (28.2 kB)