Projecting on 2 walls with 1 projector

Hi Guys,

I’m a newbie to VVVV, and it’s great.
I’m working on a school project where I need to project on 2 walls (120 degrees) and I only have 1 projector.
I tried to use use 2 homography blocks - 1 per each wall.
then I connected them together to a projector. the problem is that I get distortion at the connection point between the two screens. I uploaded a screenshot and my patch.
I’ll appreciate your input.


yael_patch - 2 blocks.v4p (25.4 kB)

it only looks like this, when your edge points are wrong. the good thing with homography is, when the perspective transformation is correct, the edges will match. this is a nice indicator of whether you set it up correctly. (let us all praise mathematics!)