I have a project to finish in a month - some audio and video sensative vizualization on more video screens.
It has some history background but the basic idea is that I would want to have at least 4 monitors or maybe 3 on which this visualization should be shown and the speed, color and everty parameter that can describe visualization would depend on voice and camera input i.e. if a person should speek with higher voice, colors would change and so on… Something the same with camera…
I would like for visualization to be somekind of dinamyic mandela visualization. If that would be to hard, something else would be also good.

Can more experienced users of vvvv give me somet tips, guidelines how to achive:
-type of visualiziation i want(mandela)
-which nodes are ment to be for sound(microphone) and video(camera) input
-can i expect some synchronization issues

What would you say about the difficulty of this task?

Thank you for any kind of tips, comments, guidelines and informations.