Projected "switchs" with Trautner

hi and sorry for bothering you with a beginner-question…
I want to project some buttons on the floor which should be triggered by people (or people’s shadows) moving on it. Means, if a person steps over the button, the value should turn 1 (to activate something), but should stay 1 until the person steps on it a second time (then it should turn to 0 again). So the button will be used as a switch. I’m gonna use Trautner for it, but the problem is, that, suppose the person steps on the button (which turns the value=1), the value would turn to 0 again as soon as the person leaves the button. How can I generate that??
Thanks a lot,

a TogEdge->Toggle combination should do what you want. check the help patches with F1

another helpful node would be the MonoFlop - this allow you to activate each field a specific time after some action occured.

MonoFlop->TogEdge->Toggle would make things clearer if a person enters and leaves a field very fast.

also FlipFlop can be helpful.
you could e.g. Set with the Trautner and Reset at the end of the game.