Project with camshiftracker

Hello everybody:)

I am a newbie in many people on vvvvorum…but I want to learn this programme:D i have an idea for a project and a friend told me that vvvv is good for doing it…and he is helping me with it…but still he doesn’t know exactly how can we make it work…that’s why I have to ask you some stuff.

My idea is that I want to have like a computer screen in front of wchich people to sit down…and if the viewer moves his head too much…like not looking at the screen…but still standing on the chair…i want the short video to start again from the beginning…and so on until he stays calm and wathces it…and at the end…I want the image of the viewer…captured with a camera to appear on the screen instead of the video;)

there is also the problem of in which way the video should start playing…like automatically when a person comes in front of the screen and thus in front of the camera…or to be actioned by a play button on the screen…

i hope i managed to describe well my idea…and any answer is welcome…
thank you!
Ana from Romania:)

Hi Ana,

should be not very difficult.

but i would use detectobject for it.