Project in vvvv for university

Hello guys,
I am pretty new to vvvv and jsut started to learn it. In the university we have to do a bigger project with vvvv and I am looking for ideas myself.
Now I have this old guitar hero controller standing around and I wondered if it’s possible to combine the controller with vvvv.
Do you have any suggestions?


hello mira,

i would connect the controller to the pc and check the HID or GameController nodes and see whether it outputs data. see their help patches (select + F1) for more info.

good luck!

I believe it does function as a HID device, I vaguely remember trying it out many years ago drunk at a friends place followed by ideas of using a guitar hero controller to control a power point like presentation made in vvvv.

so I think it will work

it will rock!

Thanks for the information :)
I will ask my professor it is worth a project and then I will inform you how it worked out!