Project image question

Hi guys

Is it possible to project an image onto a building wall, but around a fixed or moving object?

Many Thanks


depends on how much distance the object moves and is that on regular interval?

Do some video tracking. As Urbankind writes, you will loose focus if it moves towards or away from the projector. Anybody knows if there is a projector with motorized focus? It would be cool to program this.

Most projectors have a motorized focus, the problem is whether it is externally controllable or not…

i’ve been looking at this same problem, for people on stage

You could go kinect depth -> vvvv -> arduino -> stepper motor -> projector focus wheel

that will get you a 4m ‘autofocus’ area
not big enough for a building : )

maybe someone knows a good way of analyzing focus in a video stream?
some kind of blurred edge/sharp edge detection algo?

Depending om the quality of the lens of the projector, you will run into problems with the breath of the lens, the way the lens change field of view with focus.

That said, my experience is that the area in acceptable focus is quite deep.