Project help/documentation

hello all, just a quick suggestion here.

when working on a large/complex project, often comes the need to document how it works, explain its structure or show basic/reduced examples of how a specific part works.

what would you think about having a special folder like the help folder in libs that shows up in the help browser when you open such a project? we could also leverage the help.xml file to point to external resources that also make sense for the it (Postman workspaces, github repos, you name it)

would make documentation even more fun!


Isn’t this best stored away in a project wiki on github or something? Just thinking out loud, sometimes this piece of info addresses something that’s relevant outside the scope of vvvv, especially if there’s different kinds of software involved

Indeed, that depends what information we’re talking about.

In this specific case, I’m building an app that will have to be maintained and updated in the long term, possibly after me leaving the project, and it would have been handy to have some sort of “explanation” patches that show how to use the internal nodeset (which would be overkill to have in a separate lib).

Of course I could still resort to a simple “help” folder at the project root and throw patches in there, it’s just that it would have been handy to have that in the help browser.

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