Project a 3d environment only in certain areas

Hi all,

I’m in a project where I have to project a 3d environment in a square table. The projector will be below the tabletop, and it has a native resolution of 4:3 (tho a square projector would fit right in here…).

I must black out the sides of the screen to avoid internal reflecion and ghost images on the tabletop. I know how I would do it in a 2d environment - using black quads on the 2 sided to hide the contents behind - but I can’t do that in a 3d environment.

Thanks in advance!

we are talking about a 4v environment here.

set the Space pin of the Quad (DX9) to Screen, and the Quad will not be affected by the Transformations on the Renderer. Perhaps you fiddle with the z-values of your quad to move it in the front. Alternatively disable the z-compare function with ZWriteEnable (EX9.RenderState) to make it ignore the z-buffer

Whoa, thanks oschatz, for the fast and accurate reply. :D