Programming paradigm by vvvv

Hi all,

I want to discuss one thing here I really have difficulties to get into.

The years of learning programming lead to one thinkin that “things” or “events” happen one after another. It doesen’t matter if you write BASIC, java, maxMSP or c++. There is always that particular order, and if you have troubles you start out thinking slowly and analyse your written code one step after another.

Now vvvv breaks with that. In vvvv everything happens “at the same time”. This really speeds up patching, BUT: I really have problems to get into special things. Especially if you have patches with various “states” or conditions (e.g. init, standart, state at special keys) I wonder how to patch those little childs. In vvvv there isn’t any thing like a BANG or something like that. And this makes me suffer at recent problems, because this is not only a new language I learn, but a complete new programming paradigm. Maybe some very good tutorials at this place would be a very neat thing…

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sorry. missed that post in the first place…
have you seen Basic Programming Concepts already? a site dedicated to exactly your problems. anything missing?

and have a look at the s+h nodes. they let through the input as long as the right inlet is set to one. setting it to 0 freezes the output to the last received value. note that you can set it to one for just one frame (similar to a bang).

Thanks! So slowly I get into things…
I fould another thread highly releated to some of my basic problems!
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