Programming Language vs. Authoring Environment

One Sentence: Whats happening in your workshop?
We will investigate how vvvv can be a great authoring tool in the future and how the development focus on VL as a programming language (temporarily?) pirated the existing vvvv user base and product focus. We gather what‘s missing towards a vvvv (and VL in combination) authoring tool for different use cases and Business approaches, and how it is profiled against huge competitors like unity or unreal.

What 3 tags describe your workshop?
Thinktank, vvvv, future

In which of the three categories does your workshop fall: beginner, intermediate, advanced

How long will your workshop be?
(Standard formats are 3h or 2x 3h, but other formats may be possible)

Who is the target audience of your workshop?
devvvvs, designers, conceptioners and developers of mixed media formats with a strong focus on vvvv.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
A history of large scale completed and vvvv centered projects

What will attendees of your workshop learn?
The workshop is not intended as a lesson in a particular subject, but as a collaborative practice to produce a memorandum for the future of vvvv. We want to open a discussion to the public that we feel has largely been held in private cirlces, and that we feel is crucial for the future of vvvv and it’s current audience.

What technical requirements does your workshop have (apart from internet and a projector)?
e.g. special hardware, software, graphiccards, materials, dancers/performers

Running Microphone. Post-Its, Huge Pin Board and Pens to draw.

Who would be the two hosts?
Eno Henze, David Brüll

How would the hosts qualify for the topic? (Describe and add links to portfolio website, github, vimeo,… accounts)