Programming a matrix

I’d like to programm a Dot matrix. Are there any tutorials, tips, etc…
Can anyone help?

hi, do you mean how do you convert a dot product to matrix multiplication?

Please explain more and give some examples? maybe its just me but it not clear to me

one example might be something like the monome:
or a Led matrix that scrolls textmessages.

first and most important is to know how spreads are working here

second have a look at west wall scrolling text wall here

third have a look at “Hardware & HowTo connect things” tutorials here

don’t be shy to ask (maybe more detailed) questions here in the forum

It depands on what type off Matrix you want, resolution(“pixels”), monocolor or fullcolor etc.

For a matrix with a high resolution, on wich you want to show video, you can use the Pipet-node, like demonstrated here and here .

My TextScroller is a bit bad coded, made a better one by now.
SwapDim, Shift and GridPick are nodes I am sure you want to use for this project. But a little more info never hurts so we can help better.

You going to build your Matrix yourself? How do you comminicate with it? (etc etc… ;) )

perhaps you even don’t want to make the
1.000.000st 2D matrix
but one of less than 100 3D matrices.

be sure that vvvv is the right tool!