Program breaking Nuget - Mixed Reality WebRTC

I was trying to see how I could get WebRTC working in Gamma and I came across this Nuget. In a if region I added its copyTo node to work out how I could create images from the raw bytes but I got the error below, that kept cropping up:

VL.Lang.Platforms.Roslyn.EmitException: C:\Users\H\Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview
\Sketches\WebRTCTestEarlyError.vl.cs(128,30): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly 

convert type 'Microsoft.MixedReality.WebRTC.I420AVideoFrame' to 'System.ValueType'

WebRTC_Error.log (88.7 KB)

When I tried to reopen the patch (using preview 61) it wouldn’t unless I dragged the file onto the canvas, and the error keeps popping up. Looking at the repo the Nuget should legitimately work with .Net Framework/Standard 2.0
File below:

WebRTCTestEarlyError.vl (8.1 KB)

really interested in this topic!
keep us posted :)

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My apologies for not replying earlier. The culprit was that the I420AVideoFrame is a ref struct which doesn’t define a ToString method which in turn leads to this cryptic error when our tracing code wanted to write out something useful. The system will now check on the presence of a ToString and if not available will write out a warning. Upcoming preview builds will contain that fix. Thanks for the report.


Yep, that worked, cheers

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